Katie Dhera Swanger graduated with a BFA from The Art Institute of Boston, later named Lesley University of College of Art and Design, in 2017. She attended the New York Times Portfolio Review in 2017 and the following year her personal project 'Family Values' was published in The New York Times Lens Blog. She is currently part of a three year mentorship program, 'Visual Storytelling & Documentary Photography', with Ed Kashi of VII Photo Agency and James Estrin of The New York Times through the Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Village, CO. Her photography is largely influenced by her upbringing in a LGBTQ+, multi-racial, and chosen family. Katie documents the personal relationships she has with people and places and their dialogue with social issues at large.

For inquiries contact: kdswanger@gmail.com 

Image © Enrique Rodriguez

Katie Dhera Swanger

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